Broadcast seeding

Broadcast seeding involves a system which can be mounted to a wheelbarrow, ATV, or tractor (or delivered by hand), that spins or drops seeds on the ground directly. It is an appropriate method in situations where large areas need seeding (i.e. industrial reclamation) and the soil is too rocky, the site unprepared, or the terrain too steep/uneven to use drill seed or hydroseed equipment. Uniformity of seeding can be enhanced when a bulking agent is mixed with the seed. This can include things like kitty litter, sterile heavy seeds, or rice hulls [1]. Enhancing seed to soil contact after seeding (by using a cultipacker or even a piece of cardboard that can be stepped on in seeded areas) tends to increase germination success. Generally, broadcast seeding requires a higher seeding rate (typically, double) compared to other seeding approaches to achieve equal establishment success.


Calculating seed rates for seed mixes