Arizona’s Agricultural Outlook: Water, Climate, and Sustainability

Mark your calendars for the WRRC 2022 Annual Conference, Arizona’s Agricultural Outlook: Water, Climate, and Sustainability. This year’s agricultural-themed conference will be delivered in a hybrid format, kicking off with an in-person event on July 12 (also viewable on livestream), followed by several days of virtual programming. The conference will be broadly focused to reflect the state’s agricultural diversity, highlighting the various conditions, both physical and social, that shape agricultural operations throughout Arizona, including Tribal farms and ranches. The conference will consider food production across scales, from global demand to local community gardens, as well as established and emerging crop types such as cotton, wine grapes, hemp, and other industrial inputs. Confronting changes in water availability and climate, the conference will consider the future role of Arizona agriculture as a sustainable part of the state’s economy, delivering lasting benefits to both humans and the environment.


Midnight to 11:59 p.m. July 12, 2022