Grassland Restoration to Support Pronghorn in Southeastern Arizona

Please join us for a Webinar about grassland restoration for Pronghorn and other grassland dependent wildlife featuring speakers from the Arizona Game and Fish department and the Arizona Antelope Foundation.

The AZ Game and Fish (AZGFD), local and national chapters of Quail Forever and Pheasants Forever, and the Arizona Antelope Foundation have worked with landowners and other agencies to increase habitat connectivity for pronghorn and other wildlife species in southeastern Arizona’s grasslands. These efforts, funded through National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, AZGFD Habitat Partnership Committee, Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service Partners program, and private landowners, include fence modification, water development, prescribed burns, and grassland restoration and maintenance (mechanical and herbicide treatment of mesquites). Monitoring to evaluate effectiveness and develop future landscape scale prescriptions is ongoing and important in identifying habitat trends and needs. Partnerships like these are crucial for the continued success of restoring AZ native wildlife and grasslands.



2 p.m. July 19, 2022