Effectiveness of fuel treatments at the landscape scale


10 a.m., April 5, 2023

Maximizing the effectiveness of fuel treatments at the landscape scale is a key research and management need given the inability to treat all areas at risk from wildfire, and there is a growing body of scientific literature assessing this need. Rocky Mountain Research Station scientists, in collaboration with the Joint Fire Science Network, synthesized existing science on landscape-scale fuel treatment effectiveness in North American ecosystems through a systematic literature review.

A recent report, Effectiveness of fuel treatments at the landscape scale: State of understanding and key research gaps, provides key findings from four literature synthesis documents (concepts and fuel treatment effectiveness measurements, empirical, simulation, and case studies) that evaluate the extent to which landscape fuel treatments mitigate adverse effects of wildfire, provide opportunities to manage fire for beneficial effects of wildfire, provide opportunities for cost efficient fire suppression strategies, maximize fire responder safety, provide results to inform future fuel treatment planning, and identify research gaps.

Event Details

Join the Joint Fire Science Network and Rocky Mountain Research Station for the Landscape Fuel Treatment Effectiveness webinar on Wednesday, April 5 from 11:00 - 12:30 MT. Regsitration is required.

Four Rocky Mountain Research Station scientists will present their latest research followed by a panel discussion and Q&A. 

  1. Lessons learned from wildland fire case studies | Ali Urza, Research Ecologist
  2. Quantifying forest wildfire hazard and fuel treatment effectiveness from stands to landscapes | Sharon Hood, Research Ecologist
  3. Fuel treatment scenarios tested through simulation studies | Jeff Ott, Research Ecologist
  4. Is there empirical evidence for landscape-level fuel treatment effectiveness? | Shawn McKinney, Writer/Editor

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