December 2021 SW Vegetation Management News

Dec. 1, 2021

Cool New Stuff

  • Tool: Photoload sequence building technique for fuel load estimates
  • Tool: Assess monetary value of nature anywhere on earth
  • Tool: Hyper-resolution satellite-based surface soil moisture
  • Tool: Interactive access to more than 100 climate simulations
  • Blog: Top lists of native plants for pollinator and wildlife in Arizona
  • Blog: Water germination of milkweed seeds
  • Podcast: Dam removal and river restoration
  • Publication: Variation in Bluebunch Wheatgrass: Implications for restoration
  • Publication: Traits that predict seedling survival in SW drylands
  • Publication: Photos of before and after fire restoration treatments
  • Publication: New approach for identifying baseline watersheds
  • Webinar: Jobs, restoration and resilience for the 21st century
  • Plain awesome: Infographic on speed of saguaro growth


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