January 2022 SW Vegetation Management News

Dec. 28, 2021

Cool New Stuff

  • Blog: Overview of AZ weed challenges
  • Blog: Desert Seed resources center
  • Blog: Addressing changing ecosystems that propel wildfires in the Southwest
  • Handbook: Restoring bottomland hardwoods
  • Publication: How to increase the supply of native seed to improve restoration success
  • Publication: Pre-Sowing treatment effects on native plant germinability
  • Publication: How parks can provide benefit for pollinators
  • Publication: Revitalization of Indigenous cultural burning
  • Report: Strengthening the native seed supply chain
  • Report: Recommendations for collaborations with federal agencies
  • Tool: Identify what animal caused wildlife damage
  • Tool: Match forest seedlots with planting sites
  • News: Encouraging numbers from the Western Monarch count!
  • News: To regrow forests, the US need billions of seeds and more seed hunters


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